Proceedings of the Fifth SIGPLAN ACM Workshop on
Scheme and Functional Programming
Snowbird, Utah, 22 September 2004
(Affiliated with the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming)


This report contains the papers presented at the Fifth ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming, on September 22, 2004, in Snowbird, Utah.

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss experience with, and future developments of, the Scheme programming language, as well as general aspects of Computer Science loosely centered on the general theme of Scheme. The intention of the steering committee is that the workshop provide an annual focal point where the Scheme community can gather and share ideas: researchers, educators, implementors, programmers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts of all stripes--all welcome.

Eleven papers were submitted in response to the workshop's call for papers. Paper submission and review was conducted via electronic mail. Each paper was read by at least three reviewers including at least two members of the program committee. We are grateful to Olivier Danvy, Kent Dybvig, Martin Gasbichler, Eric Knauel, and Bradley Lucier for their service as outside reviewers.

Several others helped with the planning for the workshop. Mayer Goldberg lent his type-setting expertise to the production of this technical report. Matthew Flatt of the University of Utah allowed himself to be drafted for local arrangements without demur or complaint. Chris Okasaki, ICFP general chairman, and Franklyn Turbak, ICFP workshop chairman, were consistently helpful throughout the process. The Scheme workshop steering committee provided advice and general counsel during the planning of the workshop. We are thankful for all of this support and assistance.

Olin Shivers and Oscar Waddell,
For the program committee

Program committee:

J. Michael Ashley (Beckman Coulter, Inc.)
Danny Dubé (Université Laval)
Robert Findler (University of Chicago)
Richard Kelsey (Ember Corporation)
Julia Lawall (University of Copenhagen)
Michael Sperber (DeinProgramm)

The technical program is available in three forms:

It may be cited as

Proceedings of the Fifth ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming.
Olin Shivers and Oscar Waddell, editors.
September 22, 2004, Snowbird, Utah.
Technical Report TR600, Computer Science Department, Indiana University.

For convenience, we have provided citations for the proceedings and all the individual papers in Bibtex and raw LaTeX form.